Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Books are Good Food

I have mentioned before how enamored I am with Coralie Bickford-Smith's delicious book cover designs for Penguin Classics. Whilst web wandering today I saw that Penguin is going to release these next month- with equally as yummy covers designed by Bickford-Smith. The series is entitled Great Food and can't you just imagine these lined up on your kitchen bookshelf? Mmm-mmm-good!
I am in love with not only the fantastic design, (inspired by ceramic styles that corralate with the time the books originally debuted....) but with the titles of these old cookery books and spine bound guides to domesticity. Too fun!

I love the word syllabub. I have no idea why.

Yeah, probably not the best fit for my kitchen, (above) but it made me laugh.

Samuel Pepys? Really? Hmmmm....

I am always on the campaign for domestic happiness....
Click here to view the entire collection (and where I got my picutres from...) click here
to read an interview with Coralie about where she gets her inspiration from. Thank you Design Sponge!

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