Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chalk it Up To...

Mommy mistake #9,999,999.... Who would have thought the box of doughnuts (affectionately referred to as dough-nos here) could be reached by my two year old boy wonder by moving a chair and then stacking a stool on top and acrobatically climbing onto the counter to reach his forbidden prize? I guess I should have. He made no sounds. I was aware of no danger while I was brushing my teeth. I was only given privy to the entire escapade when he came around the corner, squished dough-no in hand, basically covered in chocolaty goodness. "I like these kind of dough-no's Mama...and so does Guy! " (pronounced Ghee...his favorite stuffed friend, who is apparently French and who, quite appropriately for Avery, is a pig.) One thing about Ave- he will share everything, and usually does- and yesterday, he force fed his sweet, soft, pink plush piggy who was oozing sticky chocolate icing, and bavarian creme from head to hoof.

Needless to say- Guy jumped into the washing machine with the clothes that Avery was wearing (as they now looked as though they had been dipped in chocolate) and Avery was plunged into the bathtub for a good soaking and scrubbing. And a couple of walls got wiped down that were streaked by chocolate finger painting. Lesson learned. Dough-nos are never out of reach. (And have now been hidden to a new higher undisclosed location.)

1 comment:

  1. That's our boy. :) I wish I could have had some of those do-nos or I could have kissed the chocolate from his sweet face. Lala



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