Monday, December 6, 2010

Wooded Wonderland

Oh sweet temptation, thy name is Anthropologie. This year, for their holiday window displays you get the feeling that you might have been whisked off to some enchanted tree farm, or dropped mistakenly off in a Bavarian forest - delighted none the less at what there was to offer.

I fell completely under the spell of a few sweet sweaters, bathing supplies, bedding, baubles, books (oooh, the newest edition of the Penguin Classics are too darn good!) and well, lets just be honest- the whole store, mostly.

There were days that Anthropologie invited their loyal followers to pitch in and lend their design coordinators a holiday hand, did any of you give it a go? (Let me know!)

If I were a faery or a sprite, I think I just might take up a Christmas rental here.

Wouldn't you? (Its furnished and everything....)

Enchantingly wonderful.
All images via here, thank you.

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