Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Aboard

After what I'm sure was a lifetime of waiting and begging for our "Christmas Boxes" to be brought up from the basement, Ezra finally got his wish. Sunday, four huge black boxes labeled XMAS came up the stairs, their lids ready to finally be lifted. The contents inside patiently waiting to be re-discovered...hugged, remembered, put out, displayed and watched. Since Sunday (and I swear my children do other things than watch television...) we have now watched The Polar Express 5 times. Yes, five. Yes, today is Tuesday.

I might be singing a different tune come the 25th- but I don't mind watching it-or hearing it a couple (or more) times a day, it is visually a beautiful movie, with an equally beautiful message.

Jamie and I keep reminding each other how excited we used to get as children (and how excited we still get- but we are a little bit better about the waiting for things part now- ) and that we probably used to drive our parents equally as crazy with the same questions Ezra is asking us now..."How many days until Christmas?", "When can we put up our tree?", "Why can't we put our lights up now?", "Can we watch The Polar Express again?" (Well, not that last one....)

We just smile and hug him and tell him he has to be patient, and wait.

And believe.

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