Friday, October 29, 2010

All Good Things...

It sure creeps up on you...the end of the month. It seems like we just bought all of our pumpkins, now tonight we are going to start carving them. All the time the boys have been dreaming and scheming what they would be for Halloween is about to turn into a one night reality. The trees continue to shed their leaves-shuddering a bit in the cold- now that their technicolored coats are gone. I try to hold on to October, but it always seems to sneak away from me in the darkness, veiled in the costume of another month taking its place- but promising once again its return.

I will be in my most sincere pumpkin patch, greeting all of the little hobgoblins and ghosties, savoring the last few hours of my favorite month surrounded by family and thinking of you.
Trick or treat.
Happy Halloween.
Happy weekend.

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