Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haunting October

It was a good Halloween night. Below, one of the twins. (They flanked the front door.)

In total, I think all but 4 of our massive bounty of pumpkins got carved. (That means about 30 met their fate Halloween night at the end of a knife.) I attribute all of them to my Pumpkin King- I just gut them, he does all of the carving.

I think the one below is my favorite.

It was a good night. Ezra was a bat, Avery was a garden gnome- plenty of trick-or-treating all around. What is it by the way about opening up a bag of Halloween candy- why does it smell so different than just a normal bag of candy? It seems to hold the scent of costumes gone by- the air of childhood memories- the need for overindulgence and the promise of a perfect evening to gather as many more morsels as one child possibly can- all in the mix of one bag.
It is the best way to end my favorite month.

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