Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekend Confessional

Promise me right now that if I share something with you about me that only Jamie knows... something that is silly and trivial, that you will still come back to visit me. You promise? Okay...I will hold you to it. I secretly wish that I was a character in the TV series Gilmore Girls. I wish I was chums with Lorelai. I wish that it was still on the air. I wish that I had cable so I could secretly guilty-pleasurely watch random episodes as they air in syndication. (I know I could buy the DVD set, but then that would expose my secret to the checkout woman at Target as I would sheepishly grin at her and explain without her even asking that they were for my teenage niece, even though I don't have a teenage niece...but that is who should be watching the entire Gilmore Girls series back to back to back...not some well, not me!) But there it is. Its out there. Hi my name is Becca, (Hi Becca) and I love the Gilmore Girls. Favorite episode you ask? That is easy. (Even if you didn't ask, I'm telling you.) I would be willing to bet that any Gilmoreophile would answer the same. You Jump, I Jump, Jack.

This episode is like a dream. A secret Yale society, (the Life and Death Brigade) a ritzy old- world campground for those in the know, beautiful costumes, a game where you can't speak words using the letter 'e', a gorilla mask, and a leap off a ledge that Magritte would be proud of.

"People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here and its one less minute you haven't lived."

Its too good, really.

The motto of the "Life and Death Brigade"...In Omnia Paratus... Ready for Anything. Indeed. I hope you find yourself ready for anything as we start into the weekend. (Ready for anything which in my case really means cleaning the house, weeding the garden, bathing the dog, hanging around outside, playing pirates...well, its not jumping off a ledge in a prom dress, but its quite nice too.) Happy weekend!
(Don't tell anyone about my secret, okay?)



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