Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bit of Earth

Mary Lennox only wanted a "bit of earth" to make her life more cheery. Hardly a secret, my "bit of earth" makes my life much brighter. Here is whats growing & going on....

A fun white rambler rose- one of the few plants I kept when we bought our house. I am always amazed how big it gets and how many blooms it produces throughout the whole season.

Ah, phlox! The champion of my garden! It blooms for so long, smells so incredibly sweet and is seemingly indestructible. (Not that I've tried to kill it or anything- its just sometimes my garden doesn't get the attention it should...just ask the weeds who have been having a full blown party because they are certain that I've given up and deserted the plants, giving them the right to go wherever they want....)

The anenome are at least as tall as me, some of them more so. They will probably pop next month when the weather cools a bit.

I think echinacea is pretty even withouts their petals.

Pretty with, even if slightly spent.

A delicate flowery nepta. The bumblebees love it.

A rogue self seeded nasturtium. Its wound its way through the mint and the oregano and seems quite happy to be the only one of its kind.

Limelight hydrangea. I just planted it last summer and its already huge. I heart hydrangea, really I do.

What would Mary Lennox think, I wonder?

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