Monday, August 23, 2010

The Flea & Me

Jamie and I drove out to the Sandwich flea market yesterday. I know, it is kind of funny, but there is a town called Sandwich here in Illinois. (No, I have never eaten a sandwich there....) Its an old sleepy farm town that has really pretty fair grounds with lots of big old trees- that once a month is crawling with people like us hoping to find a find. Here are a few of the things that I, well, found -

A vendor from Iowa who had her whole outdoor booth set up like a pretty indoor store. (And no, I didn't just take this picture because of the pumpkins....)

These silly 1950's coasters in their own fruit basket.

These beautiful casters from an old furniture warehouse dated 1915. I thought they would be so good in a modern kitchen on an island, or if you had a big office to attach them to a multi-purpose table to cruise around the space.

These 1960's picnic trays- they came in three different sizes and there were also a couple of different serving bowls.

Vintage french vegetable labels. I thought they were tres jolie.

My big purchase for the day? These little individual restaurant creamers. They each have a number etched on the front, and I thought they would make very sweet, very wee vases for petite mini-arrangements.

It was a beautiful day here for a flea. It really was. And although Sandwich isn't as large as some other Chicago-area markets, there is something charming about it which we continue to return for. We covered the entire market in about 2 hours, and then after that we hit 3 more antique shops which took another 2 hours. (I have mentioned the insatiable shopper that I call Mr. Blue, haven't I?) It was a good day for finding some time together.

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