Friday, July 9, 2010

Reed & Deanne Part III

For the third and final part of our series, of course it is all about the Bride. Well, all about her flowers...and her attendants...and the know what I mean. The bridesmaids bouquets lined up on my counter, getting ready for departure.

Packed up in my car- (I told you, I really like these pictures in the car....)

One of Deanne's bridesmaids graciously modeling flowers for me. The bouquets have Supergreen & O'Hara garden roses, (the O'Hara's are the pinkies and let me tell you, they smelled fresh and clean like a baby- that edible too. I like eat flowers and babies apparently, what can I say?) spray roses, hydrangea and ranunculus.

The groomsmen all got succulents for their boutonnieres. This one also has blackberry and some rosemary- we made all of the guys a little bit different- all had a succulent, but then some had blackberry, some had hypericum, or waxflower or rosebuds or more baby succulents...I like that they all had a personality of their own, and making each of them unique -well, it helps stave off my ADD.

The Bride's toss bouquet.

And the Bride's bouquet. Deanne's only request to me was that it was big- (and she is petite! I love me a small girl that wants to carry a big 'ol mess of flowers!) and that it was "fluffy". This is my interpretation of big & fluffy....

Hydrangea, dahlia, nigella, ranunculus, spray roses, and garden rose Vitality (which had that really good incense-y smell. Not overwhelming-but nostalgic- know what I mean?) and the biggest fluffiest puffiest peonies that really I have seen all season.

Big & Fluffy? I think so....

It was a good day. A really good day. I wanted to celebrate with some tequila- but no one would take me up on my offer, so instead, in the end it was an enormous cup of coffee, left over Thai, and a twilight walk with the fireflies. To my new friends, my Bride & Groom- thank you so much for (ha ha) picking me! To my assistantaccompliceextrodinaire, I owe you big! And to all of you, happy weekend!

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  1. You did an absolutely incredible job with our wedding flowers!!!!!! We just got home from the honeymoon & I couldn't wait to check your blog- three posts, you did not disappoint!! Thank you again for everything- can't wait to recommend you to family & friends!



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