Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reed & Deanne Part Deux (I Do...)

Ceremony and more reception flowers. Green and white filled jars lined the aisle to the altar.

Supergreen garden roses, Bells of Ireland, Queen Ann's Lace, hypericum, hydrangea, jasmine vine and kermit button mums make up the frothy filling.

A watering can at the guest book table.

A little posy tucked into the ladies washroom. I do like the Bonne Maman jars- usually I take the label off, but for this day, I kind of liked the way it looked on.

The head table was lined in garden roses and candles.

I guess you could call this my "calling card" - my homemade nest with lovebirds. Nestled in all Lovey-dovey. (Ha. Come on, that's funny.)

For some reason I want to sing... four calling birds... because I mentioned calling card and birds, but it really doens't make much sense or pertain to what I am showing you, but I though I would share anyways. I will just keep singing it to myself.... (hmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm....)

Tomorrow, bridal party!

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