Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reed & Deanne Part I

These are some of the reception flowers from this weekend for Deanne & Reed - the darn cutest couple- for their fun, preppy, laid- back wedding.

I don't know why exactly, but I always love pictures of the flowers all packed into my truck. Mission accomplished? Perhaps. Maybe its more simple, less symbolic...I just like the way it looks all crammed with flowers. (Thank you to my Pac-Man...everything always arrives safely- unbroken, un-spilled, and unspoiled.)

At the reception site. Those big big big yummy yellow garden roses in the front are Talouse Latrec and I can openly admit- are my new rose crush. They smell amazing, my house still smells of them, and I swear they opened perfectly to be about the size of my fist.

Also included in the mix are garden rose Sunset, yellow stock, hydrangea, huge dahila, bachelor buttons, (how appropriate) nigella, (or love in a mist...again- how appropriate) and blackberry branches. Oh, and some chocolate mint from my garden. (It smells and tastes really good. Okay, so maybe I do eat some of my flowers....)

Ooops. And ranunculus. Of course!

Tomorrow, more pictures from the reception and the ceremony!

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