Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Holiday Weekend...

It was a good weekend. Filled with all of the Americana a girl could ask for. Outdoor grilling, ice cream treats, glow sticks, family, flags, fireworks....

And an escape up to Michigan, with just me and my boys- for some fresh blueberries and the beach.

Avery decided his destination of choice was this bucket- which he spent a fair amount of time in, only getting out to destroy his brothers sandcastles, or to swim.

Its nice to be able to drive for less than an hour but feel like you have really gotten away. See, you can't even see Chicago. But its there, somewhere- in that general direction.

I use the boys as an excuse as to why I did not go exploring up and down and around the dunes...maybe its true (they are kind of small), maybe its not (I was feeling quite lazy) but at their age I'm sure they don't mind. Maybe next time we'll roam about some.

We used to come here when I was a teenager, and I could never understand the people who just sat on their beach blankets with a book- not playing or swimming or exploring- just reading. Now I am beginning to understand the allure. (Not quite yet though, when there are empires to build from sand, fish to be sought out and immitated, ice cream, french fries and root beers to be had....) Yes, beginning to understand.

It was a really good weekend. What? What else did we do you ask? Well, there was also a very sweet wedding that we made flowers for...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that.

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