Friday, June 25, 2010

World Wide Web

While driving home last night from work, I noticed something move in the truck. Just a small movement. On the windshield. Inside. It was a rather large- but unassuming- spider who I guess was in need of some transportation. Now, while I didn't freak out, I did keep an eye on him...and one on the road- the entire way home. He rode shot-gun most of the way. I talked to him- told him I wouldn't charge him anything for a cab fare, and chatted it up about the weather and how nice it must feel to have the window rolled down and the wind blowing through his...well, whatever it blows through. It was funny, as we pulled into the driveway- he must have realized we had reached our destination and although he didn't wave good-bye or anything, he did take his leave when I put the car in park. He went off through our open window, out into the cool night hopefully to set up shop, make a new home- or perhaps he went looking for another obliging car to take him on the next leg of his journey. I saw these beautiful pictures yesterday (how fitting!) and I dedicate them to you my wandering spidey.

Amazing art installations by Shane Waltener. He uses nylon, and at times knicker threads (ha!) to make his delicate lacy spider webs. Its just another one of those beautiful things that makes me think art imitating life, or maybe life imitating art. I'll ask my spider what he thinks, should I see him again.
Happy Weekend!
(Pictures via here.)

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