Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good in a Clutch

If you and I have been out together, you know very well that I have exactly 3 purses. I like them, I do...but when it comes to spending money on myself, I guess I would rather buy plants or shoes or an Anthro piece or well, plants. I have an event coming up this summer though that involves a little gussying up and I do think a new purse is in order. I saw these yesterday here, and they completely cracked me up. This is definitely a croc clutch I could carry.

Or perhaps faux foxy?

Bunny bag?

And I end with the hedgie handbag. Hedgehogs could be the new it accessory...maybe...well okay probably not, but did he at least make you smile? (And honestly, wouldn't you feel kind of sassy walking around with him?)

In the end I suppose I will probably choose something more refined...but who knows, I might just decide to choose my shoe size over my age and show old friends not much has changed....
Purses from Tsuru Bride. See the rest of her whimsically wild collection here.

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