Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Moss Please

I saw these pictures back in January of a project done by Oki Sato of the design firm Nendo in Japan. I instantly fell in love. I cannot cannot cannot get enough moss in my life. I do think that Jamie might have some issues with me adorning our walls with it however, so I can only imagine what this might look like (and feel like...you know I would have to constantly be touching it- which I was glad to read I was not alone, they covered some of the door handles in moss as well- for those of us who can't keep our hands off of anything.) I mentally filed these pictures away for eventual "shop" inspiration. (Oh shop...shop...shop of my dreams, I know we will one day find each other....) This does make for good inspiration though, no?

I love how this looks like the staircase has just grown (up, ha ha) out of the ground.

I also like that they coated parts of the wall entirely in moss- then had the restraint to make a wallpaper pattern that doesn't quite look organic, but not completely man made. (But absolutely fantastic!)

Admit it, you would want to touch it too.

Pictures originally from here.

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