Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fleurs on Film: Pride & Prejudice

Duran Duran has been brought together once again to encore their new cult hit, "Fleurs on Film" for flower enthusiasts everywhere. (Okay, for those of you that read this.) My monthly homage to a movie- where I more often than not, I find myself paying attention to the flower arrangements and gardens just as much as to what is happening in the film. Today's pick: Joe Wright's stunning adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Take it away Simon...

Is there a girl among us that hasn't dreamed of being Elizabeth Bennet? Seriously. You can tell me. (I still do, sometimes.) Not exactly flowers, but the scenery in this film plays a huge role.
(The idea of Elizabeth's spirit not being able to be kept in small spaces- she is unpredictable and free like nature get the idea....)

The flowers in the movie? Fan-tas-tic. The difference in arrangements (which are everywhere) between the Bennet's home and the estates of Mr. Darcy and the like are unmistakable. They are a definition of class. The Bennet's arrangements are always in a pitcher or an everyday glass and are comprised of wildflowers, most likely picked from an obliging field. (And so sweet.)

On the other side of the wealth spectrum, The flowers are always in a marvelous vessel and of the hothouse variety. These flowers are always carefully "arranged". (And beautiful....)

Ah, look- the same bowl, same house... different scene. Even the rich must reuse at some point I suppose.

Above, Mr. Darcy's arrangement. Elegant, well put-together, and a little showy. Below at Elizabeth's house- pretty, carefree and unfussy. Flowers just like their characters? I'm just sayin'.

I love that in almost every scene, that bit of nature is present.

Okay- so this has little to do with our latest edition...but its soooo good, I wanted to share it. I will take Matthew Macfadyen's Darcy over all of the others any day. (Yes, including Colin Firth, you loyalists....)

Could she possibly look any more perfect?

Quoting Tom Hanks from a modern twist of P &P, You've Got Mail- "I bet your little heart just beats pitter patter wondering if Elizabeth Bennet and that, what's his name, Darcy will finally get together in the end." And its totally true- it gets me every single time! Ahhhh! I feel better. It does all comes together in the end.

Need a little romance in your life? (Um, hello...who doesn't?) An extraordinary soundtrack to get lost (and whatever else...again I' m just sayin'....) in? Cinematography, scenery and flowers that are visually to die for? Do not rent this movie. Buy it. You can thank me later. Simon, boys...could you sing me out? "Fleurs on film...fleurs on film...."

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  1. I was particularly moved by the imagery in the scene where Elizabeth is sitting on the barn swing while it pours rain outside. Such beautiful isolation. A perfect setting for reflection and maybe, just maybe, for examining one'

  2. Yes! Ha- I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way- or when she is looking in the mirror, "reflecting"...I think that movie is just deeelish.



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