Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fleurs on Film: Coraline

Yes ladies (and gentlemen) Simon LeBon returns to screaming adoring plant enthusiasts, gardeners, florists and the like to bring you another edition of Fleurs on Film. Tight white or acid washed jeans are nice, but not necessary. (Big hair on the other hand, is required.) This time we look at something way on the other side of the silver screen spectrum- it is Neil Gaiman's fantastic fantasy Coraline adapted and directed by Henry Selick who is a wizard at stop motion animation. Little did either of them realize they would be making a film that would wind up on a blog about flowers.

Meet Coraline Jones. A tween that has just been transplanted (ha ha) from Michigan to a land that is void of friends, familiarity, or fun. She wants (amongst other things) to plant a garden.

Her parents, who incidentally work for a gardening publication, cannot tolerate dirt- or at times, their daughter. They encourage Coraline to explore the inside of their new 3 flat, to make nice with their eccentric neighbors, to count how many windows or doors their new residence has...anything as long as she leaves them alone to work.

What Coraline finds while exploring her new- shall we say- digs - is a little door that when she falls asleep leads her to a world where she has an "Other Mother" that knows what she longs for. She makes Coraline everything her heart desires, including a garden so wonderous she hopes Coraline will never want to leave her and return to her real parents.

Toad lily?
Is it wrong to be just a little envious of their bleeding hearts? I love mine- but they don't light up.

Coraline's "Other Father" -always attentive, fun and interested in Coraline.

Planting her fantastic garden on a praying mantis do-it-all gardening gizmo.

A gift of "dragon snappers" (snapdragons that actually snap at you.)

From the sky, you can see that the entire garden is a living portrait of Coraline.

However, if it feels too good to be true- it usually is. Through some frightening discoveries Coraline finds out that the only mother she wants or needs is her own mother- and that her real life, not her "other" life is a completely different type of exciting.

Coraline does finally get to plant her real garden- with the aid of her new found friends.

Fantastic to watch in 2 or 3D, Coraline is one of those movies that just grows on you.

I couldn't resist.

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