Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Sweet

A couple of arrangements from last week. They were both for the same person- one for his wife, and one for his mother-in-law. Smart man! They both have the same flowers, one is just a little larger than the other. I do seem to be drawn to orange lately, its just so happy.

Dahlia (Thalia), ranunculus, tulip, calendula, sweet pea, peony, hyacinth, snapdragon and garden rose (Pink Piano and Yves Piaget.)

That is Pink Piano below.

The bright orange flower is calendula- which I usually don't use, but I kept walking past it at the market and kept staring at it and then it finally got tired of just being stared at and told me just pick it up and bring it home, and so I did.

And this is my new rose crush- Yves Piaget. The smell from this rose is just absolutely unbelievable. My whole house smelled as if it had been whisked away and dropped into some old English garden. It smells that good.

Happy weekend!



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