Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, Monday (la la...lalalala)

Yesterday beautiful, sunny seventy odd degrees, today cloudy, damp and barely making 60. In spirit I dream of picnicking. I saw the idea of a picnic club here, and have been slightly obsessed with the idea ever since. Who's with me?

I will bring this, minus the bacon- or maybe I'll bring two- one for the meat-eaters and one for the non. (Yes, little known fact- I have been a vegetarian for quite some time...I love my plants so much I only eat only them...muh hahaha.) Isn't it beautiful?

Lets make a picnic club date soon, okay? (It makes the idea of Monday a little nicer, no?)
Pictures from the beautiful The Jewels of New York via frolic. (Thank you.)

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