Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Maybe not masculine exactly, but not too foofy just didn't sound right. I wanted these just to look lush and green with nothing too girly. The plants that were hanging out in my back yard have been placed in their new home- a massive patio planting for a restaurant. Something that softens all of the hard edges- and hopefully helps you forget a long day at work, a fight with a little league coach, or just gives you a respite from your everyday...even if you are sitting in a parking lot.

I planted nasturtium seeds in all of the containers too- and they have started sprouting. Soon they should be scrambling everywhere. They could use the flowers in a salad if they wanted to, theoretically. Patio salad? Anyone? Anyone?

Those crazy plants are a cypress grass, King Tut- they too remind me of a Dr. Seuss plant. What does that mean, I wonder, that so many things I plant remind me of him? Hmmm. They should hold up to the heat really well, and that is good because the blacktop creates a bit of an oven effect for the poor plants.

Crazy plant.

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