Friday, May 7, 2010

I Must Contain Myself...or...Shake Your Booty Come Out and Play

This Euphorbia was the inspiration for a multi- container project I am working on for a client. I am cuckoo for the dark brownish purple on the leaves and the mottled yellowredishorangeylime that are on the flowers.

Before I knew it, (as it always seems to be...) my inspiration grew into this-

A bounty of zinnia, potato vine, grasses, calabrachoa, nemsia, and coleus.

And some herbs- curly parsley, and purple basil. (Yum.)

And just for fun, I thought I would try an eggplant plant. We'll see if it sprouts any. I just liked it for the leaves and that little touch of dark purple.

I will show the end product as it all comes together in their new home which sadly is not in my yard. I keep telling myself you just can't get attached to them. My four year old is on the tire swing cackling like a mad man and singing at the top of his lungs..."Shake your booty...come out and plaaaaaay." I seriously have no idea where he gets these things from. Sounds like a good idea though, so I think I will. (Go out and play- we'll see about the booty shaking.)
Happy Mother's Day! Happy weekend!

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