Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A few pictures from a client's house who just wanted "something pretty" to look at. Those were my only guidelines..."something pretty". She said her favorite color was purple (yesssss...) but that a mix would be fine. This is what we ended up with, my purple prejudices aside.

Its rather hard to see, but in the largest urn there is a sizable duranta topiary- I took pictures from every angle- and it just blends in to its surroundings on film. (Well, its not really film anymore- but on digital just doesn't sound right, and I'm sure you know what I mean. Its funny how old fashioned "on film" sounds now. We saw a picture of a movie reel the other day and Ezra asked what it was- its strange the way technology deletes, if you will, ideas and vocabulary. It seems so foreign to me, words that are a part of my four year old's everyday- iPod, cell phone, Wii.... We have gotten away from ourselves, again....) Here is a close-up of what the pretty little purple flowers look like.

A bright orange and pink pot- just to give a jolt of hot with all the cool colors.

A something in between- not as hot as the orange/pink, but not as cool as the purple/white.

They were ready for their close-up. (On film Mr. DeMille....)

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