Monday, May 24, 2010

Iris, Poppy & Chinese Fighting Stars

Not necessarily in that order though. I cannot believe that we went from 52 degrees last week, baking lasagna for dinner and having the heat on at night, to 95 yesterday- the house hot enough inside as though the heat is on full blast, and feeling like I am the lasagna that is being baked. (This old house no have central air- must...dig...window...units...out...of...basement....Read that last bit over again, but with William Shatner's voice in your head- its kind of funny now, no? No? Hmmm.) At any rate- the garden seems happy. I am fairly certain its cooler outside then in. (Never satisfied!)

I got this sedge last year just for these- if my garden ever needs to fight off weeds without me- or foreign plants that have not been invited, these are our secret weapons. Funny, aren't they? I am holding my thumb down purposefully, so that you can't see the dirt that I am fairly certain is lodged under my nail permanently. I am a dirty girl, what can I say.

Ah ha! Good morning beautiful, it is sooooooo nice to see you!

This is poppy Royal Wedding. I have officially decided that I need about one million more. (Didn't I just say something about never being satisfied?)

Seriously though, would you be happy only with 7?

I thought not. Never satisfied.

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