Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Getaway

Okay, maybe not an actual getaway, but I got to work in my garden for the real first time all season. (That is why I was naughty and didn't post yesterday...I have sat in the corner and written numerous times on the chalkboard, I will not neglect my blog....) If you passed my house unknowingly, you would never guess what I did for a living- seriously-its that bad. Yesterday though, we even mowed the yard (!) Every time I pulled into the driveway, I cringed a little looking at my affectionately dubbed "ghetto grass", swearing that it would get mowed. Yesterday was its lucky day. I also gave my weeds an ultimatum last week- that my garden just wasn't big enough for all of them and me- that they could remove themselves and find a new home peacefully- or I would remove them, forcefully. I didn't feel a bit guilty ripping them all (well, mostly all) out by their little roots. It was a good day. Now I have told all of my planters, window boxes and pots that their turn will come next week, or at the very least, before the end of summer.

I love geranium. Reaaaaallly I do.

I have these crazy star flowers everywhere- they just keep wandering around my yard....

Allium are like the Truffula Trees from Dr. Seuss's The Lorax- don't you think? (But those trees! Those trees! Those Truffula Trees! All my life I'd been searching for trees such as these.)

There is a bumblebee getting a snack on the top right of this allium, and a little Blue playing with choo-choos at the bottom left. It was a good day for everyone. (Except maybe the weeds. Muh ha ha ha.)

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