Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Early Bird

Here are a few pictures from an early Mother's Day present sent out. When you live far away from your mom, you have to take advantage of when she comes to see you. (Secretly, I think they just wanted to keep it around in their house after mom left saying it was really "for her".) I don't know how this would fly going through the new full body scanners.

Delicious pale pale pink lilac, (that sounds strange- really it is pink, but it is lilac...) peony, tulip, stock and Queen Ann's Lace. Feminine and fantastically fragrant.

How can you not think that spring flowers are the absolute best? (Of course come summer I will say summer flowers are the best, and in fall....) I never thought I was wishy-washy, but there you have it. (Fair weather flower friend? I like you best till the next comes along?)

See, pale pale pink lilac.

Maybe she did try to take it home on the plane.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, peony, how I do miss you! And your stubborn ability to come up each and every year despite being PAVED OVER (no lie). Such a wonderful, luscious, fragrant memory of spring in the most beautiful woods in the world (where I grew up) and from my first "grown up" garden. Thanks for sharing, Becca. You just made my Mother's Day! And a happy one to you, too! lovelovelovekisskisskiss -k



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