Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Needful Things

I think I need this. Would it even be humanly possible to pass something as darling as this and not realize that you need armloads of flowers? I think not.

Since we are on the subject of needing- I also need a pedicure. An eyebrow wax. A haircut. A fresh pot of coffee. A Boston cream doughnut to go with said pot of coffee. (This is fun.) A new muffler for my car. A night out dancing. A beachy vacation. A guilt free shopping spree. Wow. Its so easy to get carried away. I think I just channeled Veruca Salt. "I want the world...I want the whole world...I want to wrap it all up in my pocket its my bar of chocolate...give it to me now...." I do really need the flower stand. And maybe the doughnut. I forgot to mention world peace.
Picture taken from the always inspiring SMP.

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