Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Reward

Some pictures from a garden that I have been working on. Remember all of those bulbs? Magically (or at least it feels that way) they have turned themselves into huge tulips and daffodils- the allium are coming- I will show those soon.

Last week my bandy of land lovers and I planted about 1200 pansies in the back to fill in some gaps.

Most of the daffodils are now spent- but you get the idea.

I am always amazed by planting bulbs- that something so ordinary looking makes something so extraordinary.

In the middle of the tulips here are lilac topiaries that are just starting to bud.

I promise to show the progress here- there are lots and lots and lots of new plants and trees going in this spring and summer. (And none of the tulips in the front have bloomed yet!)

Ahhhh, sweet reward.



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