Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bridal Bliss

I always have wedding gowns on my mind. I love the trends, the colors, the styles- other peoples styles.... Its exciting for me to get to see "the dress" the one thing more than anything else in the world a girl wants to wear on a day she will remember forever. (And then get to accent it with flowers!) I still love love love my wedding dress, even though it sits quietly wrapped in tissue in a great big box at the back of my closet- I still adore it and think if I had to choose all over again, I probably would choose the exact same dress. (Who knows, maybe someday I'll have had too many glasses of wine and decide to just wear it around the house- or I'll throw a "wedding party" where you have to wear your wedding dress....)

I say I think only because it is now official- Anthropologie will soon be launching a bridal line! AHHHHHHHHH! A dream of a pair Anthro + weddings = yummy to be sure.

Now before all of you summer and fall brides have a heart- attack, know that the collection is not going to debut until February 14, 2011. When it does come about, they will also have bridesmaid dresses (!) and eventually offer wedding planning. Wow. Dresses are estimated to retail from $500.00 to $3000.00 and although they are going to only start online (some dresses will be shipped to stores for display/trying on purposes) I have already started dreaming about what an Anthropologie bridal salon would look like. Hmmmm. Regardless of what they may tempt me with- I am fairly certain my pretty wrap-around dress dotted with pale blue flowers will always be "the dress" for me.

I could still go try some on though, right?

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