Monday, April 19, 2010

My Kind of Bank!

This was over on Design Sponge last week- and I had to share it! It is the Seed Bank in Petaluma California, the newest retail space from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Now this is the kind of bank I have some faith in! The store is housed in the old Sonoma County Bank, and I love the idea of repurposing this old 1926 building and still using it to store our precious commodities.

The company was started by 17 year old (!) Jere Gettle in 1998 in Mansfield Missouri, where they still have a store.

Gettle found out very quickly that he was not alone in wanting to discover, collect and share seeds that were the originals, that had not been tampered with, hybridized, or modified in any way. He has a large and loyal following and now offers over 1200 varieties of heirloom fruit, vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Homegrown watermelon sounds pretty good right now... and how fun are the seed packets?

What a great find! A treasure- a gem...stored in a bank! (Will they be in business long, oh yes- you can bank on it. HA. Ha. ha. hmmmmm.)

Not planning a trip to Sonoma County anytime soon? Its okay, you can visit online here.
Thanks to
Alethea and Jill for the pictures!

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