Thursday, March 4, 2010

Petal Pictures

I am an enormous fan of Kari Herer. I was ecstatic when Design Sponge said last week that she had posted new work to her Etsy store. There is just something so graceful and sweet about the images she creates with flowers. The first few are from her series called Peony & Plate.

I would like a plate full of these please.

I think these are my favorite- from the Magnolia Print series. They remind me of the other pictures I posted about her here.

Lastly, from her Teacup series- who wouldn't want a milky white ranunculus in their cup? Hold the sugar please, you're sweet enough just as you are.

Care for a second helping of Amnesia Rose? Yes please! Fill it all the way to the top...don't skimp on the petals.

What a nice midday snack. No calories, emotionally filling.

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