Friday, March 5, 2010

Partial to Purple

A purple posie present I prepared.

Stock, tulip, lisianthus, muscari, hyacinth, anenome, ladys mantle and those cutie little Chilean evergreen branch thingys I like. The Chilean thingys are makes you want to pet them- well, it makes me want to pet them...which is probably more information than you needed.

Is there a flower that makes you instantly think spring more than hyacinth? I think not.

On a whole, I really do think that purple flowers are just my favorite. There. I've said it. I've committed to something floral.

Look there below, in the bottom right hand corner, the Chilean thingy. You want to pet it too, don't you? Its okay- you can email me later in private.

See, I think the muscari are dipping down a little so they can have a go.

That's what I think anyways.
Happy weekend!

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