Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Winner Is...(Flowers of Course!)

After the foray into the mostly fashionless frocks of last nights Oscars (I mean, come on- you pay people to dress you! I hope a ton of people got fired today. I am brutal- I will admit, but seriously- who let you all out of the house? If you are going to be critiqued by millions of people, you better look amazing and just by saying you're wearing vintage Gucci or Chanel don't cut it. I pay 12+ dollars to see you act & to pay your million dollar salaries, the least you could do for me is look like a movie star. I say Queen Latifah was the queen of the night as far as dresses go...the rest of you-get a new stylist. I am in the phone book.) I thought we could all use something truly glamorous to look at- here are some pictures of Australian designer Alannah Hill's fall/winter 2010 collection.

Okay, maybe the outfits aren't quite red carpet material- but the flowers! Oh the flowers! Who wouldn't want a fashion shoot made from a red carpet of these? Just enough cheekiness and just enough flirt mixed with a heap of feminine ='s pretty as these pictures. Take a peek at more of these beauties at Alannah's fantastically fun website.

Its just enough kookiness to make your day a little bit brighter. Especially if it is cold and damp wherever you are at.

I am in love with the bunnies watching the drive-in movie in their convertibles. You can bet your cotton tail whatever they are watching is much better than what we watched last night. I'm just sayin'. Thank you eatdrinkchic for sharing!

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