Monday, March 1, 2010

LOL....and Liberty for All!

It is only 13 days until...

I was ridiculously excited last fall when I heard that the UK company Liberty of London was in serious talks with Target about launching a line of clothing and home goods for spring 2010. Guess what-it is spring 2010 and here are some of the fantastic fantastic fantastic items that will be in your Tar-jhay in a mere 2 weeks!

Cookie jars, stationery and a bike oh my! (Is is wrong that I want my mom to get that bike so I can borrow it, but not claim it as my own? I think we would both look so cute riding around on it. Separately- not with my mom on the handle-bars or anything....)

Ties for him (or a cute belt for you,) wellies and flip- flops! Too good! They have adorable dresses too, I just couldn't find any pictures that were large enough to see. They also have bed sheets, adorable wallets, and gardening tools. (!) I am already saving money and dreaming of a trip to Target that doesn't involve Pampers or butt wipes.

I hoisted those last 3 sets of pictures from decor8...thank you for sharing...I've been waiting! You can also go on to the Liberty of London for Target Facebook page and take a patternality quiz to find out which print best represents you. I am Susanna-(pictured below) who is "Refreshing and summery. A bit of a free spirit, but a mellow one (?!?) with plenty of class... With Susanna you can dine with it, wine with it and take it on a bike ride too. Brilliant." Except for the mellow part, okay- sure, thats me. Okay, okay, the class part is questionable too. I just like quizzes that match me to a fabric. It looks like me if it doesn't exactly sound like me.

Yes, I have now started a LOL fund. I think this will be my first, and probably only, arrival at opening time at Target. Click here to see more of the fantastic lineup.

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