Friday, February 26, 2010

To Jill

Happy Birthday Jill!

If we were going to spend the day together, would we...

Finally find our ultimate dining place that served the best brunch, dessert and drinks?(Provided by the best looking male servers...of course!)

Get a little crazy and start a street fight with rude people twice our size?

a business that scouts prime parking spaces? We could call it, well you know what we could call it....

Finally have a game of paintball where our all-girl team only lets the boys win if we let them?

Go shopping for rooster skirts?

Have the best conversations over coffee and tea, because we never have a silent moment when we are together?

Dream of what is around the bend in in our road, because I am sure- as I am sure you are the best is yet to come?

Here is the thing: I have finally figured out why you have the world's sparkliest eyes- it is because you shine from the inside out- and that is where the spark from inside escapes. You are fearless- despite what life throws at you, you are not afraid to face it, and overcome it. You are the most amazing listener- you have such an amazing gift, I hope you know that- and how very much I value it. No matter what may come flying out of my mouth, you listen. You never judge. You never offer up answers or solutions unless I ask or beg. You are supportive. I can't think of a single moment in my adult life you haven't been right by my side, and I will always be right here, standing next to you. I never would have thought so many years ago on the day that we met I was getting a gift, one of my life's best- you. I do know that we will be old ladies together ( and that will not be for a long, long time) - playing pinochle, laying by a pool, waiting for the (cute) cabana boys to bring us another bloody mary- and still be dear friends. I am eternally grateful that I know you- and so undeniably proud to call you my friend.

Happy Birthday, your first day on earth day the day we celebrate you Jilly Bean. Make a huge wish. Eat some cake. I love you. I am so glad that you were born.

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