Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easily Excited

What are the things that make you excited? I don't mean like "Wow, that's exciting..." I mean "Oh my god...oh my god...oh my god..." excited where you maybe jump up and down a little, your heart beat might quicken a bit, maybe you feel a little light headed.... I was thinking about this yesterday as I was standing out in my backyard with Leo. The picture below of my very sad brown grass does not get me excited. (Although I do love a cute pair of Pumas....)

So I started thinking, what does really excite me- in the afore mentioned way? Here is what I came up with*:
  • Packing my suitcase the night before I leave on vacation.
  • The first bite of a truly fabulous dessert.
  • Finding that jacket (or shirt or dress or whatever) I had been lusting after at Anthropologie that was originally $188.00 has been marked down to the proper price of $39.00 and there is one left in my size.
  • The look that Mr. Blue sends me on occasion.
  • The little dudes giving me hugs and wet kisses and telling me (well one tells me) that I am the prettiest mama.
  • Getting to go out with the girls and leaving said angels (all 3) behind.
  • The first page of a really good book.
  • An arrangement that seems to just put itself together.
  • And this...
Oh hello I have missed you! Daffodil and star flower poking their little heads up to say "Good morning! Have we been asleep for long?"

Garden nerd I may be, but I really do get a little giddy when I see that bit of green coming up amid all of the brown. These are some crazy variety of allium that was here when we bought the house that I have split many times over and now is all over the sun garden. Hello!

I also uncovered the tiniest little hands from a couple of bleeding hearts, still tightly wound fronds from a few varieties of fern, some tulip and jacobs ladder. Too tiny for good pictures, well with my little camera anyways. You will just have to wait. (I know, I know- the suspense will kill you in the interim.) Here is one thing about right now that decidedly does NOT excite me:

Yes, yes, yes- it is the Prince of Darkness' puppy paws. (And his legs, and his tummy and his flanks, and on occasion his nose....) Oh the mud this beastie tracks in! A mountain of towels by the back door- yet it never seems to do any good. Yes, I know he is in desperate need of a pedicure- aren't we all? That is one thing that Leo does not get excited for.

*There are, by the way, many many other things...too many to list- but I think you get the idea.

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