Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow White

Actually, our fairy princess is named Shirley. (Ezra named her.) She is however, off to meet her Prince Charming hoping to see him at the snowball- not before midnight, but before the snow melts.

Shirley is wearing a ravishing gown put together of freshly fallen snow and polka-dotted with cranberries. She also has donned a stole of left over evergreen roping and sports a fetching hat of dried hydrangea and Japanese fountain grass.

Shirley, despite my warnings, went a little heavy on her make-up. (I told her it might send out the wrong message, but she said she didn't care- she was going to catch her man, or at least have a little frosty fun with one....)

My snow man- pictured below trying to see if different snowflakes have different flavors.

Ezra quickly found out that this good heavy wet snow that we have been waiting for to make a snowman (or lady) is kind of hard to move around for snow angels. Nevertheless- it doesn't hurt to keep trying.

Snow officially has 5 more days of being welcome- come March- I'm ready to change in snow boots for Wellies to stomp around in the mud with. So there you have it snow, my one and only warning. Comply or suffer my wrath! (That sounded kinda convincing...right?)

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