Friday, February 12, 2010

Posted Valentine Post

Here they are, our anonymous Valentine's being posted to their lucky recipients...I wonder what I would do if I got one of these in the mail. I hope they make people smile. One of the names that we picked actually lives down the street from us- every time I drive past her house now, I am going to think of this Valentine's Day.

A huge thank you to everyone that tried this experiment & and promoted it to others. And hello to all of the new people who come to visit here now because a dear reader told you to stop by.

And to all of you Happy Valentine's Day! May it be celebrated with hugs, kisses, cards, candy and flowers! (LOTS of flowers, and LOTs of pictures next week!) And to my Valentine, the one that holds the key to my heart...yes, I mean you...

...and again. Happy Valentine's Day...happy weekend.

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