Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love This Place

If I could live at the flower market, I probably would. As absolutely crazy as it is here right now, I don't think it has ever been as full, smelled as amazing or had more beautiful flowers. See for yourself, (don't forget to breath in deeply and smell them.)

A sea of peony! I could dive right in....

Stock stock and more stock has been stocked.

Buckets and buckets of hyacinth. (You can smell it, can't you?)

Oh Viburnum! Like pillowy clouds I'm certain we could jump on- or just lay on. The dreams we could have on our fluffy Viburnum beds....

Yes, do not adjust your computer screens- yes, yes, really is lilac...deep breath in...slowly breathe it out. (Hello spring friend, how I've missed you!)

Cherry blossoms! I wanted some- but alas, there were no pink...and I had to have pink. All of the flowering branches are starting to come in now- its like a forest of Cherry, and Forsythia and Prunus and Quince branches that at one point I might have actually hugged-until another sales person saw me and I realized what I was doing in public. Oh, hi.

Sweet Peas! Sweet Peas by the armload!

I hope you too have enjoyed our visit. Maybe I have even given you a little fortitude to get to the end of your work day-maybe.

What did I buy you ask...shame on sneaky peaks! You'll just have to wait. You may now exhale and feel happier. (I do.)

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