Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day After (How I Love It...)

Florists around the world are breathing again. This week, I thought I would share some of the pieces that went out to spread love. (I promise this is the last post with love in the title.) I took a picture of this one before it left the kitchen because I wanted to see the branches in it before I packed it up (branches very tall-no fit in trusty truck- who is named Souji if you were wondering, or not. Do you name your vehicles? I was just curious....) At any rate- sorry about the mess on the counter- I didn't think I would use this picture- yet here it is.

Rose (Red Magic) garden rose (its the fantastic pink one, and I do apologize, the name is alluding me at present- I have mush brain) peony, french tulip, amaryllis, camilla and quince branch.

The little buds are the camilla- and they are just now starting to bloom, and more of the quince has popped out to say hello....
Here it is in its home- here- and I'm glad I took the kitchen picture now because its rather hard to see the branches in photos against the brown shades.

More pictures this week- I hope you all had a lover-ly Valentine's. I am going to indulge myself now in some oatmeal-banana-chocolate chip muffins, a very large never ending cup of coffee- and about one million loads of long overdue laundry. It is indeed a glamorous life I lead.

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