Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love, Sweet Love

The boys and I are bringing cookies to the flower market today. I thought that since everyone there is always loading the boys up with treats it was time to do something nice for them. The only draw-back is that when their sugar rush comes crashing down, it won't be as monumental as the least I don't think it will be. It could be really ugly for all I know- they do get to work at 5am....

All reds and pinks and purples and sugar. I supplemented the platter with the Brachs' heart candies that have messages on them. (After I took the pictures...of course....) While I was sifting through them to find a couple of messages suitable for me to eat (you know, like U R Hot and Cutie Pie-) I found some others that made me shake my head in wonder, and made me wonder who gets to pick out the "trendy" messages like Text Me, Tweet Me and My Boo? Years ago did some other parent shake their head seeing the very forward message Call Me?

Michelle (aka flower goddess) has 2 little girls so I wrapped up extra large heart cookies for them to have later when she is trying to get them to go to sleep or settle down...dare I say revenge is...sweet?

No, seriously I just remember how excited I used to get (okay still get) when presented with a present wrapped up just for me around Valentine's Day.

We made a heart wreath for the front turned out a little more Spirograph than I had envisioned. Wouldn't it be nice if everything turned out just how it looked in our heads? At least sometimes?

We also cut out extra hearts to mingle with the window snowflakes. (They stay up-the snowflakes-until the end of this month.) With all of the snow that we got here last night- I would have had some serious explaining to do if we had already taken our magic snowflakes down. (Click here for that story.)

I think it came out okay. My Spyro-Gyra wreath...I might even say it looks sweet. Maybe.

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