Friday, February 5, 2010

From Chicago, With Love

Do you remember Valentine's Day when you were in the third grade? There was that feeling of excitement and anticipation as you made Valentines for all of your friends- and the hope that your make-shift shoe box to mail box would be filled with cards, x's and o's and perhaps a sweet or two.

Inspired by an idea on Operation Nice in January, where someone took their leftover Christmas cards and mailed them to strangers- I thought it might be fun to send random adults a Valentine- to possibly rekindle the excitement once had. (And come on, getting anything other than a bill in the mail makes my day.)

We (meaning me- and maybe some decorating by Ezra) are sending out old-school paper hearts, decorated in glitter and stickers and doilies next week with this message printed on the back:
A little note
That we wrote
Simply to say
Happy Valentine's Day
From friends you don't know
(At least we don't think so!)
Your name we took
From our phonebook
To let you know that you were being thought of
and that we think all the world needs is a little more love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I actually took the names from white pages. com, but that just doesn't sound right in my little rhyme. I grabbed 20 names randomly and hope that for the cost of a book of stamps-and some paper- that I can send out a little sunshine, maybe make some stranger smile. Do you think that you could do this too? Nothing fancy, just old school cut and paste and construction paper. Try it, let me know...and have a happy weekend!


  1. How freaking sweet are you!!!!

  2. I am loving all the Valentine love at your place. Kiss those sweet boys for me....if I tried, I'd give them the (still-lingering) plague.

    Your blog makes me happy!!!!




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