Thursday, February 4, 2010

All You Need Is Love

There is just enough time to order some very special cards for your very special someone made especially for you. Here are some that I think are well, special.

I heart you...really I do, card above from Elevated Press. Below, Bonbi Forest tweets a sweet message.

A card that even Pepe would be proud to send from Paper Ink Press.

I will ride for you on a bicycle built for two...from Letter Press.

I lick this one...I mean I like this one from See Saw Design.

Love this print from Orange Beautiful.

Always up for a pun- be it good, or usually bad- this card from Chewing the Cud is sew good.

Owl hope you like this one too from Night Owl Paper Goods.

The nesting card, and the one below it which I absolutely adore are from Mister Rob.

At the bottom of this handcut, hand signed card it says you are wonderful, marvelous, better than I ever could have imagined...and its true- you are.

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