Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Bug

I went crazy for these clean, light, beautiful pictures from Brad Ford ID. They were done for Hamptons Cottage & Garden, and aside from being gorgeous, I love that each picture has an intimate relationship with nature.

In the picture above, its the faux bois table, the muted palate, the casual bouquet of branches and the amazing light that just pores through the picture that I love. In the picture below, its the sweet cottage window, the little nook to read a book and the vase of flowers.

Again, such beautiful light! The pendant is perfect for the space. But in all three pictures- and these are all Brad Ford's designs- its the wallpaper that I am in love with. You can see the botanical images in each of the rooms, but if you look a little closer....

I mean commmmme onnnnnn! Now, I know this might not be for all of you- it might make you a little, well, antsy (I couldn't resist) but it really is fantastic. Look, they are playing a very fashionable version of ring-around-the-rosy, or paying homage to a vintage Ethel Merman dream sequence- like it or not, you must admit it is amazing.

Moths, winged buggies and leaf beetles oh my!

I do wonder, if having these on your walls would it scare other smaller bugs away, or would it attract them? Would you unconsciously itch yourself more, thinking about them- or swat in front of your face for seemingly no reason? At any rate, I think they are sooo cooool. Click here for more of Brad Fords beautiful portfolio.

And, just so you know, I can hear you- how long do you think I can keep the whole Valentinesy themed titles going? For-ev-ah!! (Muh ha ha ha) Or at least until next week.

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