Friday, January 22, 2010


An arrangement Montgomery Burns would definitely press his ridiculously longish fingers together and say...exxxxcellentttt for. Actually because I believe that he has an amazing sense of humor, he would say egg-cellent just to pay homage to my visual pun.

Garden roses, tulips, ranunculus, anenomes- some very small sweet fuzzy evergreens that were billed to me as "foliage miscellaneous" (but I thought they were so cute that they needed to come home with me) and...

baby eggplant! Egg-cellent! Ha ha ha ha ha ha...ha...ha...ha.........okay, I thought it was kind of funny, if not now a little over-done. I found these at the grocer and they are about the size of a brussel sprout and I had to have some.

They actually jumped into my shopping cart. Really.

Hello cuties. Like the grocer Lucien on Amelie who has a love affair with Belgium Endive, I think I might be having one with these. I don't like to eat them, just look at them- and maybe touch them a little. (Is that weird? Wouldn't you want to touch them too?)

Happy weekend! I hope its egg-cellent. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....ha......ha....hmmmmm.

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