Thursday, January 21, 2010

Think Spring(Break)

I have had vacation on the brain lately. Especially this morning when letting Leo out I slid down the ice covered stairs, lost a shoe and stepped into the snow-icey-slush-mush. In my sock. Cold. Wet. Yuck. Instead of sliding down my back stairs into the grey half melted mess I dream of running down cabana stairs to an expansive view of sand and sea. Having that one moment of blissful quiet for me, the beach calls and then the boys run down the stairs to play in the ocean. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in. Ahhhh. I think we have all had beach on the brain lately. What makes this feeling even worse isn't the fact that we are stuck in Chicago mid January, but that there is no vacation on the horizon. (Doesn't that make it worse?) To torture myself, I shop for new swimwear. First up is Avery, suited up (ha) in this old-timey French number found here.

We just need to draw a curlicue mustache on his puss & give him some pint sized dumbbells and he would be perfectly outfitted for 1910. If Mr. Tubbles would rather his tummy stick out however, I like this one too. (Thanks Jordan!)

Ezra gets "scary guy" wear- of course. His big boy set is from Gymboree. I just deleted the trunks for the second time today- and I'm not starting over- I suck. Sorry. Its just not as much fun to shop for men's swimwear. These are Micheal Kors for Saks. And yes, just so you all know- this is Jamie modeling them.

Just like this is me modeling the beach-blanket-bingo bikini I picked out for myself. It is from Anthropologie. No Annette Funicello required.

Hmmm. I don't feel any better. In fact I feel worse. Damn. Oh well, in my virtual vacation we are all very well dressed- that will have to do, for now.

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  1. will you please come vacation with us? we have room, we have sun, we can probably arrange for some cabana boys, and god knows we have liquor, and teenage babysitters! miss you, love you, come see us and escape that gorgeous Chicago winter, will ya?




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