Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I had my first ever cookie exchange yesterday. I thought in addition to seeing friends, it would give me a chance to try some new recipes- sometimes I feel so predictable, always bringing the same tried & true. (They are really good, but you know what I mean, right?) Ezra was estatic to get to help make white chocolate pretzels with sprinkles. (We had to keep reminding E to make the sprinkles look like a light snow falling, not like a blizard dumping- it mostly worked.)

Confession: I have never made these Hershey Kiss Cookies before. Well, actually- I still didn't. But they were made at my house. So that should sort of count. And I ate them. More than my share, I think. These have peanut butter bases which I think make them extra good.

What can I say- I make these cookies for everything. E and I will ice them tomorrow. (Or I will ice and Ezra will eat....)

These are new- they are a cornmeal cranberry cookie. If you like cranberry scones or biscuits, then these are for you. Not too sweet, rather tart- really good. (They are in the December issue of MSL.)

These are chewy chocolate gingerbread- Jamie & my Father's favorite. (Also a MSL recipe- gosh that Martha sure puts out some good stuff....)

I packed some up (I still have a few more to put in that aren't done yet, but for the sake of demonstration- here they are.) to check out the boxes I got at Michaels.

Pretty cute. (They are 1/2 off- and I guess I don't need to tell you they are MS- I'm a junkie/devotee what can I say?)

It was a good day. I learned that caramel seizes if you don't let the sugar completely dissolve before boiling, (3 time is a charm) drinking wine should be done after baking for most lucid results, (although it really tasted good) I have some serious control/OCD issues, (oh wait, I already knew that- now my friends are even more aware of them) and that baking is better and tastes better when you are with your friends. Christmas cookie lesson learned.

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