Friday, December 18, 2009


In my fourth year of high school French, (bonjour Mme Anderson!) we were able to get some extra credit if we brought a traditional French dessert to our holiday party. My partner and I decided to tackle the infamous "Bouche de Noel" as we were in desperate need of the bonus points. It is a woodland "log" made from cake and adorned with meringue mushrooms. (Click here for a mushroom recipe.) The cake turned out just okay, but the meringue mushrooms were great. I still like to make (and eat) the mushrooms. I still do not like cake. Perhaps this is where my affinity for the mushroom began? Or maybe it is being a product of the '70's where the happy toadstool abound? At any rate, I think that the lowly mushroom is a pretty, sweet (and I don't just mean the meringue kind) and easy way to incorporate a little nature into your holiday.

A sparkly mushroom ornament from Wavy Shell.

A faerie worthy print, also from Wavy Shell.

Organically minded mushroom Christmas wrap. (Picture from the pretty Emma's Blogg.)

A wedding cake piled with mushrooms for a dreamy woodland inspired wedding from Rachel Thurston Photography.
Who said the lowly mushroom couldn't be romantic? (Non, je n'est pas moi!)

Pretty, no? (Oui!) And tasty. I think I am going to make some of these. Now.
(And I promise not to butcher any more French-the extra credit really didn't help.)
Happy weekend! (How did it come so fast?)

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