Monday, November 9, 2009

T (Rex) Minus 5 Days...

I promise I won't dinosaur you to death this week. Just a few glimpses into what I've been working on for Ezra's party. Here is his very happy "Rexy" on the front of the invitations. I used a red brad for his eye. To dress him up, I was easily lured by the pretty packaging of the Martha Stewart Crafts at Micheal's & bought flocking powder for texture. (Its fun to touch, but I think I need more practice & to experiment with different glues. Darn that Martha, always getting me to buy more stuff. )

Inside the card there is your usual pertinent information- the who, what, when, where etc, but I also added that prehistoric parents are welcome- and to not be extinct, RSVP- and that it will be dino-mite. I keep hearing that in my head, dino-mite! Dino-mite! Dino-mite!...) over and over again. Its as if JJ Walker is perched on my shoulder helping me make the 'good times'. Click here if you would like a little JJ for you too.
(Go on, I know you're gonna do it.)

All of the addresses are on dinosaur footprints.

I think these are the best stamps the post office has released in a long time. I know they are for love and all, but all of the girls got the queen & the boys the king and it matches the whole red/orange/grey color scheme I've got going on. (In your head you might be rolling your eyes right now or sighing a good grief- its okay, I can take it...and I do it myself, about myself at least a few times a day.)

Dino-mite! See, he's doing it again....

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