Tuesday, November 10, 2009

White Wash

As promised, we are taking a dinosaur break for something I think is just so pretty. These pictures are from a blogger in Germany, Nadine who loves to decorate her city apartment. She uses mostly found objects and likes to re-purpose many things. These pictures are loaded with ideas for holiday decoration inspiration- I hope you like them as much as I do.

I love the little deer tucked in the footed bowl.

I think hanging jars are pretty anywhere, why can't Smuckers jelly jars look like this?

So simple- and so easy! Wouldn't these be sweet running down a Thanksgiving/Christmas table or a counter top or a mantle?

Chestnuts laying next to a semi-open fire... (it kind of works with the song).

I wonder, Nadine has 2 young sons like I do- yet all of the pictures of her apartment are beautifully, pristinely white...how does she do it? I dream of clean, pure white- but in reality, I'm more of a color, crazy-chaos mess type person.
Pretty pictures! I hope you are a little inspired- I know I am! Nadine's blog is
herz-allerliebst and while yes, some of the posts are only in German, she does translate some to English. Her pictures though don't need any translating- they are just beautiful. Thank you to Housemartin and decor8 for sharing.

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